All photography provided by Jared Chambers

We provide financial and educational support to those interested in engineering, education and the outdoors. 


Our Mission

Help the young people in our community that needs help.  

What We've Achieved is:

During this last year, we have been humbled by the warmth and support from our community. Through this support, we were able to achieve the tasks laid out for supporting youngsters and students.

We were able to provide the first annual Thomas Behen Scholarship to a deserving student. We were able to defray some of the costs for anglers going to the BASS National Championships. It is a 2,000 mile journey to the banks of West Tennessee. Above all, we were able to dedicate a granite bench, in memory of Thomas’ love for fishing, at Wilcox Pond as a place for family to sit or as a place for private, personal reflection.

Wilcox Pond is a small pond where youngsters 16 years of age and under, can try their luck at catching fish. It is where Thomas, his sister Maggie, his brother Cullen and many, many others have learned to fish.